So what's new for the Westchester Skiers & Riders 2013 season? As usual, we have some new things in store for WSR. Here's just a rundown of some of the goals and tidbits we are working on— our "annual report" if you will...

More value with your membership.
Our membership this past Spring in the Metro New York Ski Council has added a great new dimension to our beloved WSR! We're now able to provide members with an added value of pre-arranged and substantial discounts to many Northeastern resorts… as well as scheduled "Council Days" that offer extra savings, and fantastic sponsored trips.

Not only does this give us more opportunities to ski at great low prices, but it also gives us a new camaraderie with scores of other winter sports clubs around the tri-state area. A win-win!

Themed trips!
This season we want to have several day trips—but not the usual. These special trips will of course be open to every member:

  • Beginners Day / Ski Clinic
  • Black Diamond Day
  • Singles Day
  • Family / Children's Day

Trip Leaders.
This year were looking at assigning Trip Leaders to help organize our trips and be WSR's special envoy on the mountain. What's the incentive? Remember the "comp policy" for most resorts… get 20 people booked on a trip, and your own trip is free! As they say, “Free works for me!”

Want to be a WSR trip leader? Email us at

New folks to welcome.
For 2013, we're excited to expand focus of our membership base to further open up Westchester Skiers & Riders among the tri-state area.

We are looking forward to being a "family-friendly" club as well. Being family-friendly (and that means your nieces and nephews as well as your kids are welcome!) will continue to mark WSR as one of the most unique ski & snowboard clubs in the Northeast. This is where WSR has a great opportunity to become a breakthrough winter sports organization for our county and add to our diverse membership!

More "getting together."
The online chat meetings on our site are a great way to get people together and discuss trips, events and direction of the club. But it's just more fun to meet in person. We're on the search for a quiet, new non-restaurant location we could meet at every month; most likely be a meeting hall where we could bring food in and concentrate on “business.”

We also hope to participate in some trips and activities with other area ski clubs that complement ours. The key to great perks during the season is that there's power in numbers!

Getting a taste of WSR-- FREE.
In the past, we've prided ourselves on being an exclusive club with only a paid membership. We are continuing in that spirit—but giving people more ways to get involved. Previously, you could not become a member of the social experience of the WSR website (which is unlike any other in the area!) without paid membership. Now anyone will be able to join for free.

BUT, in order to get your WSR membership card that comes with the Metro New York Ski Council discount sticker, your "donation" to the club must be $35 or more. This will allow us to increase our membership base online while providing the core benefit (discounts and trip participation) for only bona fide members.

New membership cost.
For 2013, we are increasing the “donation” to $35 for single membership. This is to cover operating costs, dues to the MNY Ski Council, and more.


(The good news: Members will tell you WSR Membership more than pays for itself in discounts throughout the season!)

It has also been the recommendation of the Metro NY Ski Council that we adopt the structure of a 501(c) charitable corporation, as is the case with many ski clubs around the country. Costs permitting, we hope to pursue this route. As you can imagine, this incurs legal costs, and even still it will take us a while to reach that goal. (Until then, WSR will try to practice as such an entity. Our membership dues will now be referred to as a "donation.")  

Prospective Members and Guests.
We're also going to make it easier for guests and members to get into the WSR circle. Check the calendar soon for designated "Guest Days," where you can bring as many friends as you want for free. For other outings, every member will be able to bring one nonmember. We are working on a new policy for nonmembers who want to come on our longer trips.

Giving back.
Last but not least: it's good to give back to our area community. With your help, we hope to start planning some charitable non-skiing events for sometime in the Spring. Ideas?

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