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How long has Westchester Skiers & Riders (WSR) been around?
Westchester Skiers & Riders (also known as "WSR") was started in the season of 2003/2004 on Meetup.com. In 2008, WSR took over Northern New Jersey Skiers and Riders as well, and grew to over 325 members. In 2009, WSR dropped the New Jersey group and continued with a select paid membership which is now over 125 people. We moved here to our new online home, westchesterskiers.org for the 2011/2012 season in order to better serve Westchester County and the surrounding community.


Do I need to be an expert skier/rider to join WSR?

No! We welcome all levels. Many of our members are recent first-timers and newbies. Beginners often find partner skiers in our group, as well as useful tips on how to start out this wonderful sport the right way.

What kinds of people join WSR?

All kinds! Singles. Families. Young professionals. Avid shredders and extreme backcountry fans alike.  We welcome all kinds of members, and everyone usually gets along really well on our trips!


How many trips does WSR take during the skiing/riding season?

WSR is one of the most active ski groups in the tri-state area. We've scheduled over 90 events since 2005. We usually try to schedule day trips at least once or twice per month during the season, as well as 2-3 weekend trips (e.g., Vermont), and one long distance, week-long western trip (i.e., Colorado).


Where does WSR like to travel?

We've made numerous trips to the Catskills (Windham), and Vermont (Smuggler's Notch, Stratton, Mount Snow, Killington and Okemo). In 2010, we traveled to Steamboat, Colorado, and members had the time of their lives. But we're never bound to just these places. We love Vermont. We love places close to home on a mid-week snow day. We love the west. All of these resorts have a place close to our hearts.

Does WSR get discounts or special rates?

Whenever we can. (And that's usually 100% of the time!) That's part of why we're here: To leverage the power in numbers to make skiing and riding a great value for everyone. We're also a member club of the Metro New York Ski Council, which affords us many discounts and special privileges at resorts around the Northeast and beyond. If you ask our longtime members, they'll tell you how their membership dues have paid for themselves in just one trip because of the discounts and privileges we've gotten!


What does it take to become a member of WSR?

We are a loosely-knit group and do not have the usual membership screenings or requirements that other clubs do. Membership is based on annual dues of $25 per year. To become a member of WSR:

  1. Submit your dues payment safely and securely via PayPal here.
  2. Sign into the Westchesterskiers.org site using the "Sign In" link here.
  3. Once your dues have been submitted, you'll get an email with your membership approval.  The email will link you to your own Member page here on Westchesterskiers.org
What does my WSR Donation give me?

1. Membership for one year into Westchester Skiers & Riders.

2. A host of skiing and riding enthusiasts to connect with via our club's unique social website. (In case you ever want some ski-buddies for a spontaneous snow day trip to the slopes!)

3. Access to our Members-only events.

4. News, info and updates for members only.

5. Group discounts, when available. (Your participation is key!)


Does WSR have its own ski lodge?

No. (The bigger question is, would you want your ski weekend to feel more like camping? Probably not.)


How come some other clubs and tour operators offer cheaper weekend package deals?

Many other club and tour packages are based on group accommodations-- which can sometimes mean squeezing four (or more!) people into a room. Some on a sofabed, some on the floor. While this may be fun for some folks, WSR assumes that our skiers & riders want a little more privacy and quality on an overnight trip. We try to book accommodations with max two people per room unless the group has given tacit preference to condo accommodations.


Will I be forced to ski expert trails on a WSR outing?

Never! You can ski with whom you like, where you like, when we're on the slopes (within the resort's limits, of course!)  We like to stick together, but members are encouraged to ski on the trails they're comfortable with. You'll find that on WSR outings, people of different levels band together and you'll find people of the same skill level so you can enjoy the mountain in whatever way you choose.


Can I bring a guest to a WSR ski trip?

Consider our Couples and Family memberships— which let you bring others at discounted membership. Otherwise, our non-member guest fee is $25 per person. Since that's the same as our annual membership dues, it's usually easier to have your guest join us and enjoy WSR membership all throughout the year!

I found a better trip deal for the resort WSR is visiting. Can I use that instead?

Not if you're coming with WSR. Your Organizer(s) take great pain to get discounts and deals that accommodate an entire group of 15 or more people. Plus, individual deals often have limitations and blackouts that may not apply to us. Sometimes other people's trip "deals" are based on four people --or more-- per room and you could be sleeping with a few strangers! All WSR trips are planned exclusively with single and double rooms in mind, unless otherwise noted.


Is Westchester Skiers & Riders a tour operator?

No. We're a common interest group of winter sports enthusiasts banding together for enjoyment of skiing, snowboarding and more. We do not operate a tour company. Also, we are not liable for incidents and events occurring during our outings. Please download our Terms and Conditions for more details.


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