The following are days in February that I'd like to ski, if I can find ski buddies.  If you know me, you know these are all going to be good deals...

  • Sat, Feb 4: Weather & conditions permitting, naturally, I'll be on the WS&R trip to Mt Creek.  Remarkably, the resort has not yet collected back the Triple Play vouchers Maverick Solutions was consigned, so I still have some for $80, if anyone needs.
  • Sun, Feb 5: There are Potter Bros Flex Days at Windham ($36) or Bromley ($30).  I'd only do Bromley as an overnight, such as if the Saturday WS&R trip moves north, or if we stayed over into Monday.  Windham could be a daytrip.
  • Wed, Feb 8: Belleayre has $25 Wednesdays and Fridays all winter, and I might be available for this one.
  • Wed, Feb 15: I may be available for this $25 Wednesday at Belleayre.
  • Feb 18-19(-20-21?): If WS&R's Tremblant trip doesn't fly, this could be a good New Hampshire holiday weekend for CSC members.  Loon/Waterville has a $37  Awareness Day on Saturday, and Ragged has $43  Awareness Days on Sunday thru Tuesday.  Monday is President's Day.  (Tony- Don't hate me - I might have done Tremblant, but can't do that Wednesday or Friday.)
  • Feb 25-26(-27-28-29): This could be a good Vermont (long?) weekend.   Metro NY Ski Council Members have discount days at Mount Snow this Saturday ($49) & Sunday ($47).  CSC also has  Awareness Days at Stratton on Sunday thru Wednesday ($41/$36/$36/$29).
  • Mon, Feb 27: Members of any ski club or council can avail themselves of Gore Mt's $42 Ski Club Appreciation Day.
  • Wed, Feb 29: I should be available for this $25 Wednesday at Belleayre.


If you want to join me for any of these, let me know, or reply here!  If none of these work for you, I'd be happy to use my Mt Creek Triple Play card anytime, although I prefer weekdays there.


In the spirit of the upcoming Ground Hog's Day celebration, won't you please help me meet my new year's resolution of getting 20 days on snow???

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Naturally, I'm happy to drive to any of these.  I can fit three more skiers with gear or two more people if one's a boarder (although for a longer trip, fewer may be more comfortable).  Don't worry about gas or tolls - just buy me lunch, dinner, drinks, or some Partagas Serie S cigars.

Mt Creek this Saturday for me, and Feb 15 at Belleayre would probably work.

I just heard back from my attorney about a tenant we're evicting, and I got good news and bad news:

The good news is I am available on Wednesday, February 8th.

The bad news is I'm not available on Wednesday, February 15th.

I'll let you know early next week if I can do next Wednesday.

I've made other (non-skiing) plans for myself for Sunday, so after this Saturday at Mt Creek, my next available day is the $25 Wednesday at Belleayre on the 8th.  Who wants to play hookey and come ski with me?

I set up a WS&R Facebook "event" for this Wednesday at Belleayre.  RSVP here:

I'd also like to give serious consideration to setting up the New Hampshire President's Weekend I proposed at Loon and Ragged.  Would anyone else be interested in coming?

I was actually thinking of New Hampshire as well for Pres. Week- maybe one of the bigger mountains if there is a deal...



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