Please read and learn the WSR policy below on posting across this website. These policies  are to be adhered to, no exceptions.  Violators will have their posts instantly deleted, and may have their WSR membership suspended or revoked:

Updated 2/1/12

  1. No comments that discourage, trash or disparage an upcoming trip, its plans, a calendar event, members attending the event, any other members, or WSR.
  2. Productive opinions about a trip or event are appreciated. However, please do not encourage alternatives or changes to a trip or event plan organized by WSR without the consent of WSR.  
  3. If you have an opinion / review about a WSR trip, resort, mountain, lodging option or event, please have a valid point to your post. Remember, strive to keep your comments productive.
  4. Please search the discussion thread or site for an answer to your question to avoid repeating posts. 
  5. No offensive posts; no insults, obscenities, or any posts of a ethnically-, racially- or sexually-biased nature. Please suscribe to political correctness as a general rule. 
  6. No flaming (blasting a thread with off-topic or repeated, counter-productive comments) or trolling (posting in order to instigate, mislead or distract the original topic.) 
  7. No posts of a commercial nature, or any that solicit or attempt to collect funds for personal or commercial profit. 
  8. PM (private message) other Members when one-to-one exchanges are appropriate. Always respect Members' PM  privileges. No unwelcome PMing. 
  9. Be wary of posting personal information such as phone numbers, etc. Use PM (private messaging) instead if the situation warrants. WSR is not obligated to remove posts you have published with your personal or contact information.
  10. Do not post personal or contact information of other Members without their consent. 
  11. Please stay on-topic. If you have a discussion you'd like to start, feel free to start a discussion on our Member Discussion boards
  12. Any posts with the direct or indirect intention of promoting, offering or soliciting members to another business, club, special interest group or event —on this site, any WSR-related online venue, or at a WSR-sponsored event, without the consent of WSR,  is strictly prohibited and may result in revocation of membership. 

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