I'd like to plan a trip to southern Vermont for the first weekend of March, and wanted to gauge interest before I put in a lot of work.


Mike & I stayed at this gorgeous resort on an Okemo trip last year - it's a little pricier than the lodging you may be used to from WS&R's typical ski trips, but it's got every amenity, including indoor & outdoor heated pools, spa, exercise room, massage, and a nice on-site restaurant.  It's called the Hawk Inn & Mountain Resort.  I have yet to negotiate numbers, but I anticipate it'll be $100-$150 per person, per night, double occupancy for Friday/Saturday nights or $75-$100 if we stay through to Monday.


For lift tickets, Tony is working on getting us eligible for Okemo's discount that weekend, $46 on each of Saturday and Sunday.  Potter Brothers is also offering a flex day at Bromley that Sunday and Monday for $29.95 each.  If you prefer, Killington's Skye Base is also nearby, and it's actually the least crowded place to park, eat, and board the gondola at Killington.  (Shhh - don't spread this secret around.)


I'd try to coordinate group rates for the lodging and a Saturday night group dinner, (and possibly a Friday evening wine-and-cheese party).  Travel and skiing would be a la carte.


So?  Who would be interested???  Also, what's better?  Friday-Sunday?  Saturday-Monday?  Friday-Monday?

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I will be in UT that week, so I guess I am out.

Right now I'm seeing their wknd Ski & Stay pkg rate as $189 per person, per night, with lift (seems like that's with only one lift ticket, by the way they phrase it on their site.) That's not too bad... worth exploring more.

Actually, if you move in to a week or two after, I am interested (Jennie is also in)

I'd have to see what sort of ski-and-stay rate we could get as a group.  I was counting on using the MetNYSC discount at Okemo, which is only offered that weekend.

I can't do the first weekend in March.  The second weekend would work though.

I like the idea of this, but that's my first week at a new job, so I need to leave that weekend open.  I could maybe do one day at Mt Creek on Sunday.  The following weekend is no good for me, but I could do this March 17 - 18 if you wanted to wait until then.

Brian- Once you've settled on a date, let me know and I'll post this on the Calendar as a member-hosted, open-guest trip with your details. Will get back to you soon on that other aspect of the wknd... awaiting a return phone call.

Tentatively, March 16-18.  I'll know for sure when Mike replies.  It's $198 per person for two nights at Hawk and two days at Okemo, double opccupancy.


Sounds good. I think I'm in! (That's St. Patty's Day wknd... neat.)

So the $198 includes 2-days of skiing?  I might have to break my rule of not going away 2 weekends in a row.  LOL!  Definitely would need a roomie though.

That's a great price.  I'm in for March 16 - 18.  Probably can't leave until 5:30 or so on Friday, but if that's ok, I can meet at your place Brian.

OK, Mike - I'll reserve it on my credit card.  5:30 is fine - or if you can sneak out earlier, I probably can, too.



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